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About Us

Over the last five years Elite Trans United has been one of the premier non-emergency medical transporters serving Chicagoland and Indiana.  We have transported over 200,000 clients to their scheduled medical appointments and our goal from day one has always been to make sure that each client endures a remarkable experience while riding with us. Each day we strive to offer our clients a safe and prompt ride with drivers and staff who truly care about their well being. 

Recently, Elite Trans United has partnered with Kings Royal Coach LLC, and together we are now offering luxury transportation in conjunction with our medical transports.  Kings Royal Coach, fleet consists of luxury Mercedes Benz Spirinter Vans and alike that will be used to provide transportation to airlines, hotels, group events, charters, corporate functions, and much more.  We are both excited to share these new luxury accommodations with you.         

Rest assured, our drivers are fully certified in NEMT.  Moreover, they are continuously learning new lessons in passenger sensitivity, driver safety & emergency situations, as well as comprehensive training pertaining to passengers with special needs.   

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